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Forward: New Art from Birmingham

23 January — 24 March 2019

Now, more than ever, Birmingham’s artistic community is thriving. Forward: New Art from Birmingham is a group exhibition, including work by approximately twenty five artists, living and working in this city, to highlight the depth and vitality of a wide range of practices. Taking place in Medicine, the old gallery space of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, from which sprang the young generation that founded Ikon more than 50 years ago, it couldn’t be more in keeping with their progressive ethos, still informing our artistic programme to this day.

Artists: Famina Bi / Ken Banks / Betsy Bradley / Tereza Bušková / Leah Carless /  Chris Clinton / Anna Katarzyna Domejko / Mark Essen / Andrew Gillespie / Kurt Hickson / Fred Hubble / Chris Jackson / Dion Kitson / Joanne Masding / Farwa Moledina / Brian J Morrison / Suzi Osborn / Antonio Roberts / Emily Scarrott / Larissa E Shaw / Emily Sparkes / Kate Spence / Ally Standing / Sarah Taylor Silverwood / Katharine Wade / Emily Warner / Rafal Zar